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    We are the "go-to" destination for 1st time home buyers! Simply put, the mortgage process does not favor 1st timers. With rejection rates between 50-70%, 1st timers need a trustworthy partner who can guide them through the home buying process. You will make many small decisions along the way and a wrong one can lead to issues. We provide personalized information which will educate you on what it takes to become mortgage ready.

    Take Control of Your Experience

    Buying your first home can be a little complex. You will make many important decisions along the way that will impact your outcome.Having a team dedicated to working for you is priceless.If you are ready to purchase now or need help getting ready,we are here for you!Don't call a Realtor or Lender untill you speak to us as you only have one chance to make that great first impression.

    Our Process

    If you're like most, you have spent a lot of time searching homes on the web but not as much time on understanding the process to purchase one. We specialize in working with 1st time buyers.We show you the "behind the scenes" to save money, time and hassle.